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Review: My Place

Applause for My Place - Riding Lights

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Review by Meredith Kearley

A story of identity, uncertainty and hope

In December 2021 there were 80,850 children in the care system.

To help raise awareness, Riding Lights Theatre Company teamed up with the Christian charity, Home For Good to create the play, ‘My Place’. The cast instantly captivated with their truthful telling of four young people currently in the care system.

The story followed Melanie, Yonas and step-siblings Jazz and Mason - each child struggling with the uncertainty and stigma of being in the care system. Riding Lights found a beautiful way of telling these thought-provoking stories and weaving the narratives together through both song and spoken word.

Taking home for granted

Watching the play allowed me to realise how much a simple home can be taken for granted. Through the story of Melanie, you see her go from home to home, struggle with her past and wanting a place that feels like home. Mason and Jazz have the devastating news of having to be separated and, as a sibling myself, it made me ache thinking of having the only family you have left ripped from me.

The most engaging story was that of Yonas’ who is a refugee from Ethiopia, and in his story we see him navigate a whole new country and deal with hundreds of questions from immigrations officers.

As a whole ‘My Place’ opened the eyes of the audience to appreciate how uncertain life is for children in care, and how their entire life is whittled down to a file and a bag full of clothes.


Thanks go to poet & photographer Gail Foster for the images

Please note that for copyright reasons we were not allowed to photograph the performance, but Gail's shots show that, even at this stage, the venue is working well as an inspiring performance space... in fact, the actors moved into the aisle and there were a couple of wonderful interactions which brought audience members into the play without it feeling intrusive.

About Home for Good

Home for Good has been working to help find homes for thousands of children across the UK. The offer support groups to new and experienced foster parents and resources for churches to help equip fosterers. Their work is incredibly important to children in the care system. Home For Good are working on creating new foster homes to allow children to have a safe place to call home.

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