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Update Dec 2021

Faculty granted for the regeneration of the church

St. Mary Future Group is celebrating as we have received formal notice of approval from the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Salisbury for the plans to regenerate St Mary's into a multi-use cultural space.

This is the result of careful attention to detail by the church architects Chedburn Codd, with support from the Future Group, and in particular the sturdy work and persistence of Tony Scorer who has been at the heart of the project since it began.

Thanks must also go to all those who have supported our project through the difficult first phase, giving time and donations to our effort. NOW we can start to look forward with confidence.

Exciting times await us and we are now planning the next steps in our journey...

  • the important work of fundraising for the build
  • within the physical limits of the church as it stands at present we are preparing a programme for 2022 which will showcase a variety events from musicals, individual performers, talks and, hopefully, larger community happenings
  • continuing the green agenda which is under way with the help of the enthusiastic Friends of St John's and St Mary's Churchyards, Devizes who have been nurturing nature within the church grounds and holding community events.

Conditions of the Approval

Naturally there are a number of conditions before the work can start.However these are all in line with our current plans or expectations

1. The works shall be executed under the direction of the Inspecting Architect.

2. No works shall be commenced until the Petitioners have filed at the registry written confirmation that:

a) 80% of the funding for the works is promised or in place; and

 b) a detailed specification for the works (including the storage provision beneath the organ) has been agreed with the DAC. In the event that agreement with the DAC cannot be reached, the matter shall be referred to the Chancellor for determination.

3. The groundworks shall be subject to archaeological oversight in terms agreed with the DAC prior to commencement of the works.

4. The pulpit shall be retained within the building (albeit in moveable form).

5. The pews shall not be removed from the building until the nature of the replacement seating (including storage provision) has been approved by the Chancellor.

6. The organ shall be returned to the church within the 5 years for completion of the works, or within such further period as may be permitted.

Permission has already been granted for the external build by Wiltshire Council, so the primary hurdles are out of the way.

Also the necessary work required as a result of the five yearly church inspection (the Quinquennial) is already in hand.  It is expected that most if this work comes under List A or List B  "Works of repair and routine maintenance to the church building not affecting the fabric or any historic material".  This means essentially that a Faculty is not required, with only certain items requiring the Archdeacon's approval. 

These works are being dealt with by the Parochial Church Council and separately funded so this will mean the Future Group will be promoting a fully repaired church building.