Our Vision

... to transform the historic Church of St Mary, Devizes, into a new vibrant building


Update July 2021 - Dates from the DAC

 Project Group Update

Now that there is focus on detail and a start date is in view, the aim is to get the support groups organised on a more formal basis.

The breakdown of tasks/roles of a group is not fixed but will evolve to meet the real world.

Each group has a “Convenor” whose role is to pull things together and ther eis flexibility in the way they work with their own group. Ccontributors can work with more than one group.

• Heritage Arts and Events                         Paul Morgan

• Technical Services and interior fittings      Paul Morgan

• Project Funding                                     Mike Sanders

• Business Plan and Running the venue    Alan Truscott

• Promotion of St Mary’s                         Ida McConnell

• Governance                                         Tim Coomer

• Zero Carbon and Churchyard                Mike McClelland

• Archaeological investigation                 Roger Giraud-Saunders

• Sweetland Organ                                Vacant

• Spirituality and use as church              PCC

Best Dates

DAC = Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) - Diocese of Gloucester
PCC = Parochial Church Council

These are the best dates assuming a perfect scenario. That is all the information required has been supplied and there are no new objections from "consultees"

16/07/2021: DAC recommend the application, no further adaptation or addition is needed and it is ready for formal consultation.
23/07/2021: 42 day formal consultation period starts. (42 days is maximum length and can be shorter if all consults are received) Week delay is to write the minutes and action feedback.
03/09/2021: Formal consult finishes and all feedback is positive. NOA can now be issued.
03/09/2021: 30 day public notice period start
03/10/2021: Public notice period ends and, presuming there is nothing massively negative, the Registrar can issue Faculty
08/10/2021: Faculty issued works can begin when ready.