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... to transform the historic Church of St Mary, Devizes, into a new vibrant building

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Update: November 2020 - Planning Approval

We are delighted to report that Planning Application 20/03841/FUL has been approved subject to a number of conditions about the detail of the materials to be used, other regulatory approvals that wil be required and the protection of the significance of the building.  This is the permission required for the external building that will provide, toilets, meeting room, offices and a small kitchen. What we are doing to meet these conditions can be downloaded here.

What Next?

The next step is to present this information to the DAC for their Formal Advice to the Chancellor of the Diocese of Salisbury.

After long consultations between Chedburn Codd - the St Mary’s Church Architect - and Wiltshire Conservation, Historic England, Wiltshire Diocesan DAC and other consultees, we have arrived at a design for the new build that seems to be acceptable to all parties. Click this link for a PDF of plan view of the proposed external build (January 2021 issue). 

As part of the regeneraton we will provide disabled access to all entry doors via the south entrance, as the west approach has too steep a gradient. The Grade 2 listed churchyard gates will be refurbished, subject to the relevant approvals and permissions, to ensure a welcoming appearance to the facility.

While the facilities that this new design provides are not as wide ranging as the original cloister concept, we do feel they would support the new uses envisaged for the church.

Together with the drawings, there are a large number of documents that support this application and they are available below. You can read them or downloaded them, but bear in mind some of the files are rather long and could be up to 5Mb in size.

This suite of documents has been uploaded to the on-line DAC Faculty Application website in preparation for the next DAC meeting as we ask them for” Formal Advice”. 

Tony Scorer 12 November 2020

The budgetary cost for the internal changes, external building and professional fees, excluding fittings and equipment, is of the order of £1.5M