Our Vision

... to transform the historic Church of St Mary, Devizes, into a new vibrant building

Short List for Future Use Seminar - Feb 1st 2018

The Parochial Church Council of St John with St Mary undertook an evaluation of all suggested new uses and have produced the short list given below.

The Parish has been told that there must be informed and objective consideration of the issues and constraints in any proposed new use. The problems of implementing that use must be acknowledged, as well as the opportunities it would give to the parish and the community. These deliberations should lead to an optimum future being identified that allows St Mary’s to become part of the community again and cause the least harm in both the short term and long term. A seminar should go a long way in achieving these aims.

A Future Use Seminar was held on 1st February 2018 7:30pm in St Mary's and the results used in the proposal documents.

The top eight new uses examined were:

  • Art gallery
  • Café
  • Central home for different charities
  • Church for another congregation
  • Craft workshop
  • Dedicated theatre
  • Drop in centre
  • Dual Use Church and community event space
If none of these can be implemented the it will be:
  • A Redundant church

Pew Removal Faculty Granted

July 7th 2017   - We have now removed the first three rows of pews.  If you would like to puchase one of them, then contact the Parish Office of St John's with St Mary's, Long Street, Devizes SN10 1NP. Open 10 to 12  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   01380 724389.  They are around 2 or 4 metres long and can be adjusted by a competent carpenter.  This view shows the space now available at the Chancel end of the nave.  There is now 15.75 square metres of moveable "unistaging" available in St Mary's using 750mm square units   


Look under the Floor

joistsSix pews from the North West corner have been removed as part of the plan to regenerate the church. Following Archdeacon’s permission these pews and the timber floor boards have been lifted and stored, this exposed the joists and joist bearing timbers with their supporting walls.

A significant amount of rot, possibly dry rot, has been discovered in these timbers, many of which crumbled at the touch. We think the floor has been held up by the box-like structure of the pews firmly attached to the floor boards and these to the joists, with the occasional brick pillar. The structural engineer thinks that inadequate ventilation in the sub-floor did not help.

Nothing of interest was discovered under the floor, just disturbed chalk over pure greensand, however on investigation of the boiler room area, known as “the coalhole”, which lies partially under this area it became obvious that the pile of bricks were from the collapsed doming and so a warning has been posted forbidding walking over the top in case it collapses.

Unfortunately the pews ends that were abutting the wall show signs of rot and beetle attack.