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... to transform the historic Church of St Mary, Devizes, into a new vibrant building

Past Events at St. Mary Devizes

Underground Orchestra | 1st March 8.00pm


Tickets £10 & £25 for family (2 adults + 2 children) -   BUY TICKETS ONLINE or buy from Devizes Books, Sidmouth Street, Devizes.

A chance to see Shaun Buswell's unique Underground Orchestra perform outside the capital, playing a medley of movie themes linked to the London Underground as well as a mix of Shaun’s own music.

On 1st January 2012, Shaun Buswell started a musical challenge to create an orchestra made up of musicians he met as strangers whilst travelling on the London Underground.  He had until 12th December 2012 to complete this task, and then perform with this orchestra of strangers at a top London venue. Oh, and he had to write all the music without reading a note of it.

Did he succeed? Well, come along and find out. This is the story of Shaun's year as told by him via the medium of: 

  • Speaking, using Shaun’s very own mouth-words, so you can get to find out exactly what happened, no holds barred
  • Filmed footage from Shaun & friends as well as local and global news footage 
  • A presentation showing amazing statistics, figures and other images of amazement from the London Underground & the challenge
  • A Q&A session, where you can crawl inside the mind of Shaun & his musicians as they explain the reasons and methods for doing the challenge