Our Vision

... to transform the historic Church of St Mary, Devizes, into a new vibrant building

from quakers walk

Planning Application Documents

Documents supporting the planning and faculty applications are listed below. Also available are the letters received following a meeting at St Mary’s in October 2019.

Click on the link to download, please note these documents are in .pdf file format.

Download      Executive Summary – Chedburn Codd
Download       Business Plan descriptive document - StMFG
Download      Business Plan spreadsheet - the numbers - StMFG
Download       Conservation Management Plan - StMFG
Download       Historic Building Assessment - Matthew McMurray. A textual document
Download      Historic Building Assessment – Figures - Matthew McMurray, warning a very large file.
Download       Building Investigation – Demaus Building Diagnostics Ltd
Download       Ecological Assessment – St Mary’s Church July 1917 - Ecological Surveys Ltd.
Download      Archaeological Evaluation Report (Trial Pits) – Headland Archaeology Ltd
Download       Study St Mary’s Churchyard – burial activity - StMFG
Download       St Mary Devizes – Levels of Change - StMFG
Download       Statement of Need- StMFG
Download       Statement of Significance – StMFG
Download       Heritage, Design & Access Statement Chedburn Codd

Any suggestions or questions can be addressed to

Background information to the recent design update

Download       Comments on the letters received from the CBC, DAC HE re plans of Oct 2019.  The comments come first, then the letters with paragraph numbers.